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Benjamin Parry
Hi, I’m Benjamin Parry.
Thomas Gigold
Boy in his 40s from Germany. 👋 Writting my blog since 1999. I'm a 👨🏻 husband, father, 🐕 dog-servant, 🖖 Trekkie. Working in Marketing, loving road cycling. 🚴
Reilly Spitzfaden
Composer and audio programmer who likes noise, code, electronics, and nostalgia // they/them
Versun Pan
INTJ | 伪全栈 | 在前后端反复横跳 | 运维小能手 | InfoSec爱好者 | Pentest菜鸡
Cascade the Protogen
Cascade the Protogen is an immigrant from the planet Xerox VII. They enjoy interstellar relays, 5D movies, and pulp adventure serials. They also make websites, art, stories, and games.
Chris Zietlow
Recovering Software Engineer, Philomath, Shitty Photographer, Technologist, believes the oxford comma isn't optional.
Ruben Arakelyan
I’m 💜 husband to Joanna, 👨🏻 dad to Evie, 🐕 dog-father to Saffy, ✟ Christian, 🇦🇲 Armenian, and a 💎 contract senior Ruby developer, in no particular order; originally from London but now living near 🌊 St Ives in Cornwall.
Luka Prinčič / Prince Lucija
Computer musician, sound designer and media artist. Genderqueer.
Loïc Carr
French/New Zealander software engineer, I love building and learning new stuff. I specialize in System Engineering and Distributed Computing.
Daniel Andrlik
Product exec, writer, podcaster, and TTRPG nerd.
Digital gardener, senior software engineer by trade.
Luke Davis
Yusuf Bouzekri
Hello, I Hope you're doing well today. My name is Yusuf Bouzekri and I write articles on this blog. I work as a software engineer. in my free time I go hiking, play boardgames or edit my neovim config. Sometimes I write software outside my job as well, I enjoy coding in golang and laravel.
Bian Yukun
Just a *S*illy *B*oy.
Antoine Villepreux
A pirorum villa filius
Django Doucet
William Bradshaw
My personal blog following my learnings with technology
William Bradshaw
My personal blog following my learnings with technology
Matt Reider
American expat in Vienna working on k8s, oTel, and open observability.
Hi, I'm bacardi55, a French Solutions Architect and team lead during the day and a lazy "Dev Sec Ops" at night. I have been an opensource and gnu/linux user / enthusiast since 2005 with a focus on data privacy. I sporadically write blog posts, Gemlog entries or share bookmarks. Subscribe via the about page or read other pages.
River MacLeod
River is a humanoid based on the planet Earth (pictured above). It likes electronics, computering, and adventures through time and space.
Hi! 👋 Computer scientist exploring mental models, connecting the dots, and writing about it.
I do not know if I am falling up or down perhaps forwards or backwards if not a combination ― and am still wandering back in forth in the heavens for I have yet to find my place in the stars. Poet & Writer. I live in Decatur Illinois. ✍️🌽
A .txt no java/css internet archive
Hi, I'm an Italian computer engineer with a website full of random thoughts and confused ideas. My dream is to live a hobbit life. Until that happens, I keep myself entertained with music, great cinema, and shell scripting.
Jotham Lim
Hi, I'm Karen (she/her)! I'm a Gen X eldergeek, currently working in IT and going for my degree in cybersecurity. I'm passionate about photography, vintage inspired fashion, K-Pop, gaming, sci-fi cons, my two doggos, and lots of other assorted oddities. I'm a proud bi liberal feminist, I support LGBTQIA+ rights, believe that Black Lives Matter, and am a firm believer in mental health support. BE NICE OR LEAVE.
Lars-Christian Simonsen
I am a man from 📍Ski, just outside of 🇳🇴 Oslo. I use this website to write about anything that catches my attention.
Just here to overshare
he/him • Mii • Programming • Video Games • Board Games • Comic Books • Music
My name is Robert and I am an Apple System Operator and Evangelist at a university in the middle of Germany. My tasks there include the procurement, administration and configuration of Apple hardware as well as supporting students and lecturers in the use of Apple products. After a considerable hiatus, I’ve returned to the world of website creation in 2023, with a particular focus on implementing designs using HTML, CSS, and a touch of JavaScript. This page serves as a form of documentation, where I showcase techniques to internalize them and have a reference for future use. I typically write the content on the go from my mobile phone but format it and add links, etc., when I’m seated at a computer. You are welcome to contact me via one of the channels below. However, I prefer to communicate by email.
Jonah Aragon
I write about data privacy, digital rights, and cybersecurity. I also make videos on YouTube.
Non-binary artist, worldbuilder, and eccentric internet user ✨
Christof Dorner is the personal space of Christof Dorner, he/him. Who, recreationally, is periodically finding new obsessions; most recently sustainable mobility advocacy, geohashing, urbanism, bicycles, specialty coffee, photography, and lots and lots of books. Professionally, he has been a software engineer for close to twenty years and counting.
Matías Arocena
Game Developer
Lumen "Pink" Freitas
My name is Lumen "Pink" Freitas, or just ~lumen. I'm a network engineer and software developer living in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, SC, Brazil. As a network girl, Bash is my main language (and yes, shell script is a real language). I also know lot's of PHP, Javascript, CSS, and played a little with Go and Rust. But I think I can do any language or any technology.
Rongbin Fan
Are you willing to, able to, imagine an alternative reality?
Evgeniy Ilyasov
I’m Evgeniy Ilyasov, a back-End focused web developer from Ufa, Russia. I use Python and PHP. Also have experience in frontend development with Vue.js.
Jake Weidokal
I build tech products, spend time with my family, pray, journal, read, drink coffee, and disc golf.
Darren Meehan
I am "the poop scooper" of three cats living in Chengdu, China.
I am "the poop scooper" of three cats living in Chengdu, China.
I do digital stuff in the charity sector, specifically product and platform management with a sprinkling of devops. I also enjoy all the typical hobbies you might expect: film and TV, videogames and boardgames, books and comics, music and podcasts, and coffee and beer.
Matías Arocena
Desarrollador de Juegos
Matias Arocena
Hi! I'm Matías Arocena, a Game Developer from Uruguay. My main interest is on Optimization and Game Engine Programming. I'm very interested in Low Level programming, although I also enjoy some Graphics Programming. In my day job I work in an outsourcing studio where I contributed with a AAA titles using Unreal Engine 4, and I'm currently working on a AAA title using Unreal Development Kit (UE3). When I'm not programming, I enjoy going to the park with my two dogs and watch some anime with my fiancee (we actually have a shop where we sell anime merch). But not gonna lie, most of the time I'm programming.
Mandaris Moore
A High-quality stranger. I've considered myself a digital gofer. Y'know, go for this and go for that. I'm using now to par down my technical projects and be part of an outstanding community.
Colin Cogle
Living in Connecticut, working in California, and helping people all over the world. Whether I'm managing effective teams of awesome IT workers, writing articles, creating and contributing to open-source projects, or telling awful jokes, I'm doing my part to make the world a little bit better.
Srijan Choudhary
Hi, I'm Srijan Choudhary. I'm a founding member and software engineering leader at GreyOrange, working on disrupting and redefining fulfillment. I'm interested in software team leadership, functional programming, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, and software infrastructure. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, running, playing with technology, listening to music, creating music, and reading. I write here when I have something to share - a personal project, some difficult problem I solved recently, or just an idea. Take a look at the about page for more details, or follow me on the fediverse.
Rick Cogley Bio, GitHub, Insta
Jeff Sikes
Coder, manager, dog dad. Tech tinkering is my joy. Be kind.
Venkatram Harish Belvadi
Writer, photographer, and historian and philosopher of science
Owen Compher
computer science and mathematics student and tutor
Recreational programmer, reader and tinkerer. I mostly read and write about technology and computers.
Eugenio Tampieri
Robin . is
writing, travelling, seeing, creating, coding, reading and walking the dog🐕‍🦺. Read his 424 posts and find out more about him.
Jeremy Felt
Robbi Nespu
Hello there! My name is Robbi Nespu. This blog is mostly about my journey on software development / devOps, information security, financial, real estate, property and personal adventures. You can check README for more information.
Kelson Vibber
Techie, software developer, hobbyist photographer, sci-fi/fantasy and comics fan in the Los Angeles area. He/him.
just call me jasmine! 👋 📍 IDN 🎂 1999 🎨 illustrator & multimedia designer
Teacher, Musician, Techie, Esperantist, Indie/Open Web Enthusiast.
Eric Stein
Amitha Lingala
Developer who loves cooking and writing.
Rees Draminski
Hello! My name is Rees Draminski and I am a software engineer currently living in the DC/NoVA area. I write on my blog about my various interests which include, but are not limited to: reading, philosophy, interior design, and more.
Kevin Woblick
Hi! I'm Kevin. Web Engineer and Open Source Creator from Berlin, Germany. I am working as a DevOps Engineer for Universal Music Germany. Since starting with web development in 2008, I created a lot of different projects, including a StumbleUpon successor, a bookmark manager, a popular invoicing software, a web archive for video game quotes and many more.
Rahul Sivananda
I care about Accessibility, Minimalism, and good user experiences. Sometimes I write stories and draw things.
Ken Zinser
A consulting designer who helps growing organizations build human-centered systems and services
JP Hastings-Spital
Hello! I'm JP Hastings-Spital, a maker, software engineer, swing dancer, and all-round miriscient chap living in London, UK. I'm principal engineer at Deliveroo.
Tianyu (Eric) Zhu
I’m a student interested in software development, computer networking, managing infrastructure at scale, cybersecurity, and DevOps
Chris Jones
Enraged pedestrian. Flâneur. Hiker. Explorer. Web developer. Photographer. Daydreamer. Recluse. Road full of promise, head full of doubt. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Anna Norris
Rachel Tan
My name is Rachel and I’m from Singapore. I blog about finding your own path in a neurotypical world while being unapologetically Autistic.
This website is an amalgamation of everything I want to show or talk about without the worry of social media. I try and avoid it as much as possible.
Leon Fong
Pablo Morales 🌈
they/he, il. Wikipedian and book reader, mostly. Localization and sociology enthusiast.
🌊 Bridging the ocean between us 🚢
Brad Cooper
I'm Brad Cooper, a UX Designer from New Jersey United States with a passion for creating great experiences through research, testing, and by excessively scribbling on whiteboards, notebooks, sticky notes, and sometimes unintentionally, walls.
Matthew Graybosch
I’m Matthew Graybosch, originally from New York in the United States. When I can, I typically use the alias “starbreaker”. I’m a writer and musician by choice, a programmer by necessity, and a metalhead by the grace of the witch. You can reach me at
I do not know if I am falling up or down perhaps forwards or backwards if not a combination ― and am still wandering back in forth in the heavens for I have yet to find my place in the stars. ✍️🌽
Just mishi, a random lady who loves things out of her reach.
I am John Johnston A Primary Teacher in Scotland. I currently teach primary 4-5-6-7 in Banton Primary, the Banton Biggies. From 1993 until 17th October 2008 a class teacher at Sandaig Primary in Glasgow. In 20th October 2008 I joined North Lanarkshire Council as an Educational ICT Development Officer where I was until 2016. From January 2014 till December 2015 I was on secondment to the Scottish Government to work on Glow as Product Owner mostly on Glow Blogs. I am continuing the role on a part time basis.
Kimberly Hirsh, PhD
Daryl Sun
I play with software and videogames. Sometimes I write things.
Pablo Morales
Hey, I'm Pablo and I'm based in Sacramento. I work in IT in an educational setting. I really enjoy working with technology and improve technology use in education.
Herbi Marquez
Hello! You’ve reached the personal Social Media website of Herbi Marquez
Mike Rockwood
Web developer, designer, and guitar player with a passion for all things digital.
Kebo Kitanari
Shannon Kay
I'm a Californian early millennial, mom of 3. I love books, coffee, tech, and making things pink.
Lee Perry
Burnley based, I run, ride online, climb rocks and mountains, and explore the world in our motorhome with my accomplice Vickie. Expect lots of talk about running, virtual cycling on my Wattbike Atom (NG) on Rouvy, Burnley FC, retrogaming and code. Accompanied by lots of cute photographs of our podenco oriented family.
Zachary Fetters
programmer, photographer
Daniel Nitsikopoulos
Brandon Trebitowski
💻 Software 🏕 Outdoors 🏠 Family 🏃‍♂️ Fitness
Sweetfish Ayu
Half-baked polyglot, inquiring into every corner of the world.
Steven Woodson
A CPACC certified web developer passionate about web accessibility, design systems, and user experience.
David Frank
A personal log on adventures in between the tech-art space
Evan Boehs
Bob Matyas
a web developer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Picture of Mehul Kar Mehul Kar
Code / Tech Living a Random Life
Harlan Fox
"He's just zis guy, you know?"
Andrés Correa Casablanca
Hi! My name is Andrés Correa Casablanca (but please, call me Andreu).I’ve been developing software professionally for over 12 years, and I’m currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at NearForm, while occasionally contributing to some FLOSS projects.I love mathematics, science and engineering… but, more honestly: I basically love everything, and I struggle when I have to choose what spend my time on. I just have to prioritise somehow.
joe jenett
every day, something new to discover
Jordan Reger
Stephen Sauceda
I'm a dad and husband. I like playing music and shooting little photos and videos. I'm also a developer building things on the web. I can be found around the internet on Mastodon, Instagram and Github or in real life somewhere in South Carolina.
Kristof Zerbe
Developer & Team Lead located in Wiesbaden, Germany
A Digital Garden.
Ross A. Baker
Matthias Ott
Hi, I’m Matthias Ott, independent user experience designer and user interface engineer from Stuttgart, Germany. I teach interface prototyping at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design and am @m_ott on Twitter. I am also a proud member of the IndieWeb community and curate the monthly newsletter
Len Damico
Александр Сидоренко"Это алхимия!" - говорю я, когда пишу код. Программист, усопший вождь, взломщик. Участвовал в хакатонах, соревнованиях по информационной безопасности и вел образовательный проект Blurred Education. Хочу сыграть ООО "Моя оборона" на всех струнных музыкальных инструментах (сейчас сыграл на шести) и разработать бомбический проект с командой Blurred Technologies.
"Это алхимия!" - говорю я, когда пишу код. Программист, усопший вождь, взломщик. Участвовал в хакатонах, соревнованиях по информационной безопасности и вел образовательный проект Blurred Education. Хочу сыграть ООО "Моя оборона" на всех струнных музыкальных инструментах (сейчас сыграл на шести) и разработать бомбический проект с командой Blurred Technologies.
Chuck Grimmett
I’m on the Special Projects Team at Automattic. When I’m not online, I prefer to be hiking, reading, or woodworking.
Marco Madera
Este es mi sitio personal, escribo sobre frontend y experiencias para crear más valor a la comunidad web.
I’m a web developer doing non-profit work in juvenile justice, a tai chi teacher in-training, and a homeschool mom to a couple of wonderful children.
Sebastian Higgins
Libove Blog
Personal Blog about anything - mostly programming, cooking and random thoughts
Armando Cordova
Written by Nick Lewis.
full-time student
Grant Hutchins
I’m a full-stack software engineer in Austin, Texas, and the author of the Ruby gems pg_search and with_model.
An alien from a different plane wandering the universe in a tiny camper
Matias Hernández
Cam Pegg
I like coffee. I don’t like celery. I’m an Aussie expat living in New York City. I know how to spell “onomatopoeia”… and I actually know what it means, too.
James Mead
Member of Go Free Range software coop; Ruby developer; author of Mocha Ruby library; sailing & telemark skiing; former Antarctic winterer; proud Green Party member & Remainer.
Owen Young
Web developer, I like reading and explore the internet, so I have collected queit a few notes in my blog.
Dmitri Vassilenko
Backend distributed systems developer, living in southern Ontario, Canada. Occasional rock-climber, frequent video-gamer. Jack of no trades, master also of none.
Chiara Pasquini
Vegetarian, whovian, metaller. Likes cats, tea, videogames, books, art. Supports equal rights. She/Her.
Forever Pronouns: they/them, she/her Contact me with Email if wanted. I'm living in Denver, Colorado, USA. My honorific is Mx.
Pronouns: they/them, she/her
I'm an 18 year old student from the UK, writer, amateur programmer and leather jacket enthusiast.
Hello! 🖖 My name is Andrea Vos. I'm a software developer and a queer activist from Europe.
joe jenett
every day, something new to discover
Jesse Morgan
My name is Jesse Morgan. I am a Software Engineer at I also backpack, sail, ski, and play with radios in the woods.
Hey, I'm Clara—a tinkerer lost in the middle of the French countryside. My website is my sandbox where I document some of my experiments, both digital and analog.
Hi, I’m Arne, I’m working in the area of design, philosophy, technology, environment and urbanism.
Rohan Kumar
I care a lot about accessibility, and often use screen readers and forced colors to deal with overstimulation. I’m a FLOSS enthusiast, software minimalist, and a CS+Math undergrad who likes watching anime and tweaking his Linux setup. Current interests include search engines, security, privacy, and the IndieWeb. My perspective on software freedom is a bit different from the FSF’s; I’ve been trying to distance myself from “fossbro” culture.
Andrew Joyce
Alejandro AR
Me gusta mucho escribir letras y código, jugar, leer y ver películas y series. Me encanta descubrir nuevas tecnologías, aprender a usarlas y compartir mi conocimiento. Si no estoy tomando café frente a la computadora, me podrás encontrar paseando a mis perros en el parque.
Halsted M. Bernard
Gabriele Girelli
Eclectic ENFJ, sketcher, bioinformagician.
techie scum. enthusiasm enthusiast. æsthete.
Simone Silvestroni
A sound and web designer with a 25+ years of experience, I’m a liaison between creativity and logic.
LP Warner aka Cerulean
I’m a 20-something Brit named Laurence Warner, better known to the world as performing-artist Cerulean, and I write about The Arts & Tech.
Zachary Zollman
Agnessa Bukowska
Some thoughts in Russian. Сад непричёсанных мыслей на русском.
h card photo (Scissor Seven)
My lil h-card
Max Glenister is a Front-end Developer based in Oxfordshire. For work he spends his time designing, validating and implementing user interfaces. For fun he tinkers with Virtual Reality, 3D printing, embedded systems, game development and many other things.
Simon Vreeman
Robbi Nespu
Andrés Cárdenas
🇨🇴 Autodidact. Sharing thoughts on Free software, online privacy, Football, Rock music, Philosophy, Classic novels and documenting life.
Mark Sutherland
Web Designer, Developer & Digital Creative
Silvia Maggi
A UX Designer striving to create meaningful digital experiences through User-Centred Design.
Jatan's Space
Space exploration writer ~ Contributing Editor for The Planetary Society ~ Moon evangelist ~ Blogging advocate
Idiomatic Programmers
A place where you can get high quality tutorials, text based courses and tips related to Python, Django, DRF, Machine Learning and Computer Science
Barnaby Walters
Arranging atoms and pressurising air in a variety of manners, such as: 🛠 building musical instruments 🎼 playing music with gurdy voice synths pure data ukulele dulcimer accordion blockflute 📖 singing shape note/sacred harp 🐧 watching wildlife 🔌 tinkering with electronics ⌨️ programming in python, occasionally js, previously php 🚀 building the indieweb ⚖ helping assess the Icelandic school system at Skólapúlsinn
Astrid Yu
Jesse J J Pelley
This is a note
Jay Hankins
Andrew Dinh
Software engineer developing a better feature. My interests include photography, privacy, & open source software.
Cam Webb
Botanist-hacker living in Fairbanks. Working on the floras of Borneo and Alaska.
Jason Shew
Trained in linguistics. Unapologetically byelingual. Aspiring software/web dev. Into music, typography, photography, astronomy, wiki-binge, culinary arts, and fine arts. More of a thinker than an observer. Frequently sold on ingenious product design and hvisual design. A cosmopolitan, flâneur, and occasional recluse. A certified INTP-T 5w4 and socially unsophisticated boy. A utopian realist and imperfect perfectionist.
Jason Cardwell
Northside Hospital baby proudly indoctrinated into the radical left at the University of Georgia in the Deep South where I received a Bachelor of Arts in English while minoring in Mass Communications as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
Jacob Hall
Student at William & Mary studying geology and coding in his free time
Dariusz Winkler
I'm a front-end developer and an accessibility advocate, currently working at IBM. I love sharing what I know through my blog, teaching and speaking at conferences.
Chris Bongers
Luke M M
I make websites.
dylan harris
I believe strongly in the personal website as a potential signature high art.
Jamie Thingelstad
Technologist, leader, and family man with expertise in software, architecture, business, who actively contributes to the tech community.
Alessio Caiazza
"Il sapere umano appartiene al mondo."
Jess Nickelsen
Hello! I'm Jess Nickelsen and I am a writer, gamer, software tester and mum. I live in Wellington, NZ, and write on my blog about writing, gaming, crafts, books, raising a child, and general life in New Zealand.
A Seattle-based programmer/musician who makes games, comics, and bad decisions.
Paramdeo Singh
I'm a Generalist focused on the interplay of technology, design, strategy, and business.
Ana Rodrigues
My name is Ana Rodrigues and I'm a front end developer in London.
Jan-Lukas Else
José Leiva
Actualmente trabajo para como full snack developer y colaboro con el CETAV como coordinador de la carrera de Diseño y Desarrollo Web. Me gusta cocinar, leer y escuchar podcasts.
George Nance
Thoughts and writings about Tech, Health, and Life
Outer Outer Space Hi I'm Sarah, this is a place for my ideas in the long now. Also on Twitter and Reddit. my thoughts on design, productivity, and web development
Christopher "Chris" James Willcock, MIEEE
Horst Gutmann
I’m a software developer from Graz, Austria, where I’m currently working for Netconomy Software & Consulting GmbH. While I started there as a Java developer working on hybris-based e-commerce solutions, after a couple of years I moved over to more frontendy grounds where I did projects with Sencha touch and ReactJS. Right now I’m working on our internal tools, services and frameworks 😃 Before that I studied Computer Science at the University of Klagenfurt. In my spare I help organising GoGraz (Go Usergroup Graz). Previously, I was the organiser of the local Python user-group in Graz, PyGraz. Outside of these two languages I’m also trying to get into Rust right now and enjoy getting to know new technologies and helping out in the opensource/free software community whenever I get the chance. Oh, and I really love attending conferences 😉
Ben Shi
👋 I'm a software engineer from Sydney, Australia. I love solving complex issues through purposeful software. I also enjoy a good burger and g&t.
Ali Reza Hayati
Benji Encalada Mora
benji. not the dog.
Prateek Saxena
Lucien Noguès
I'm Lead PLM Systems & Software Engineer. I code stuff & design things. #Arts for art. Working on and for fun. #webmentions on pikseladam.
RL Brown
I walk the dog.
Desmond Rivet
Beko Pharm
I dabble in programming, administration, linux, gaming, historical european martial arts, reenactment, live action role play, e-mobility, carhacking, simpits and… parenting?
Rasul Kireev
In constant beta mode. Currently learning to build web apps, create beutiful visualizations and analyze large datasets.
Henrique Dias
Henrique is a software engineer who cares about the web, decentralization, identity, user agency, and making impactful tools for developers and users.
Chris Jones!
Enraged pedestrian. Flâneur. Hiker. Explorer. Web developer. Photographer. Daydreamer. Recluse. Road full of promise, head full of doubt. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Smurygin Dmitry
Husband • Dad • Steely-eyed missile man • Beer & coffee aficionado • Runner • Weightlifter • 1985 Baer Ave four square champ • Unix enthusiast • Renaissance man
Trae Blain
Brett Kosinski
I'm a life-long nerd who's obsessed with more hobbies than I have time for. During the day I'm a professional product manager, and by night I'm a programmer, knitter, skier, cyclist, cook, guitarist(ish), and a dozen other things besides!
Christian Hockenberger
Father, Husband, Brand Identity Designer & Soldier
Malcolm Blaney
Software developer from Brisbane, Australia.
Weisser Zwerg
Anthony Ciccarello
I'm a software engineer living in Southern California building cool things using JavaScript and other web technologies. I enjoy traveling to other countries and spending time in nature.
Michael Beckwith
David Foley
Chief Engineer at Cohr, food & beer enthusiast, éireannach atá ar deoraíocht 🇮🇪 🇪🇺, #indieweb-er [ work CC BY-SA 4.0 ]
Roy Tang
Programmer, engineer, scientist, critic, gamer, dreamer, and kid-at-heart.
Michael Spellacy
Juan Olvera
I'm a frontend developer & web standards enthusiastic.
Ryan Dotson
Giovanni Carmantini
Edwin Wenink
Frank Meeuwsen
Colin Morris
I'm Colin Morris, this site contains little web-widgets I've built over the years along with documenting some of my explorations into the steampunk genre. I code in PHP, (native)Javascript, and Golang, and I lean Steampulp over Steampunk.
A Seattle-based programmer/musician who makes games, comics, and bad decisions.
Jamie Tanna
Johan Bové
Hi, my name is Johan. Since November 2016, I work as a Front-end developer and senior Web Consultant at Deloitte Digital in Düsseldorf, Germany. Throughout my career as a web developer I have gathered relevant and hands-on professional experience building performant Web sites and Web applications. People I worked with have called me an expert in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with which I know how to build complex, scalable browser applications. When creating web applications, I take special consideration for security, accessibility and performance optimization. Current interests: Vue.js, SOLID, RDF, Linked Data, decentralization, … Privately, I am happily married and a father of one fantastic boy. I bike to work whenever I can. In my spare time I loved to study and read sci-fi novels or non-fictional literature. I keep a blog through which from time-to-time I try to share something interesting on the World Wide Web.
Rick Cogley
A coder who has been in Japan since 1987, and is CEO and co-owner of eSolia Inc, a bilingual IT management and support firm. Loves scripting, the terminal, photography, yoga, jogging.
Ahmad Al Maaz
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Micah Cambre
Mike M.Garcia - A Programmer,DBA
A blog about a hobby retro console programmer
Kimberly Hirsh
Librariacafan. PhD student @ UNC SILS, mom, old millennial.
Dr. Mark Stanley Everitt
I'm a server side web (mostly) software developer and one time quantum information scientist.
Vegard Skjefstad
Ian Mason
A twitter of inconsequent vitality
Kam Black
Max Westen
Hi, I am Max Westen, Father of 2 girls and a boy and husband of Sibel. I'm a tech enthousiast and was working as a softwaredeveloper before my brain damage due to a neuroborreliosis. Right now I'm interested in indieweb, php, node, genealogy, ukuleles and building them. You can find my Genealogy site at Westen Genealogy and the backstories at
Chris Aldrich
CEO (Manager & Producer) at Boffo Socko Entertainment; Publisher at Boffo Socko Books; President and Biomedical Engineer at Apsugen 1837 Harding Avenue Altadena, CA, 91001 United States
Kevin Marks
Tantek Çelik
Hello Hi. I work on web standards and the indie web. I run trails at sunrise, practice yoga movement & philosophy, code & design my website, and write when I can. 💬 Contact 👏 Tip Founder at IndieWeb ← Member of IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍 → Founder at Web Standards Lead at Mozilla CSS Working Group member at W3C BSCS & MSCS Stanford University
Rick Cogley
Has been helping people in Japan since 1987, CEO and co-owner of eSolia Inc, a bilingual IT management and support firm. Loves coding, photography, and staying active with jogging, cycling or yoga. Read more on the about page or visit him elsewhere: Github, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, Pinboard, or Twitter.
Programmer, trans, an IndieWeb addict. Doesn't know if she's real or merely a vestige of a past long gone. Opinions are my own and do not represent opinions of any of my employers, past, present, or future. If I start to shill some cryptocurrency project, RUN — this is not me.
Calum Ryan
Hey! I'm Calum Ryan and I design, build and write about stuff for the web. I care very much about making the web a much nicer, accessible place for everyone. Find out more about me, read my posts, view my talk slides, my events calendar or contact me.
David Millar
David Millar is a gay software engineer, puzzle author, taco enthusiast, and cat guardian in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.
Jason McIntosh
An independent creative and software professional who lives in New England.
Neil Mather
I live in beautiful Vogelhoek, cofounded eps & kaas and usually quite busy: trying to create an album (taking a while), writing a play (done!) and a book. I also fly around a lot with drones, hack on Drupal, Android, HTML 5, JS and Indieweb. Loving travel, art, books, music and Mpatshi
Hi, I am Matthew Cantelon Things I do: develop software, ride bikes, and drink pop. Twitter profile Github profile
Things I do: develop software, ride bikes, and drink pop.
Romain Courteaud
Hi. I'm Romain Courteaud ( I work at Nexedi. I write free softwares.
Stuart Maxwell
jr - #
Brad Enslen
John Philpin
Chris Burnell
I’m Chris Burnell /krɪs bɜːrˈnɛl/, a Canadian Front End Developer hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia now living in London, England. Right now I’m working for Squiz as a Lead Developer and perpetually rabbit-hole deep-diving. This is where I think, write, and share my passion for the web.
Matthias Pfefferle
gRegor Morrill
My name is gRegor Morrill, a.k.a. gRegorLove. I live in San Diego, enjoy tinkering on the web, and try to make people laugh. Yes, “Gregor is a weird name,” and I know gRegor is a weird capitalization.
Jason Garber
I’m a Web developer, musician, community organizer, photographer, and occasional author living in Washington, DC. You can find me all over the Web, typically as “jgarber.” I use the pronouns he/him/his.
Marty McGuire
Marty McGuire is a web developer in New York, NY. He can also be found posting cat pictures, streaming and podcasting, performing improv comedy, and building IndieWeb things.
Stephen Rushe
Hello, my name is Stephen Rushe and I drink tea, love cats, and provide sarcasm-as-a-service. I’m also responsible for Cricsheet, a project to provide ball-by-ball data for cricket.
Manton Reece
Stephen Pieper
Music lover, reader, tea drinker, film watcher, web dabbler. IndieWeb novice.
Ryan Johnson
Jack Jamieson
PhD candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information. I research the Internet and society.
Eli Mellen
Like Lyft, but for Moomintroll
Douglas Beal
Freelance Developer. IndieWeb Meetup Seattle Organizer. Fountain Pen Enthusiast. Foolscap First Officer.
Aaron Parecki
Hi, I'm Aaron Parecki, co-founder of IndieWebCamp. I maintain, write and consult about OAuth, and am the editor of several W3C specfications. I record videos for local conferences and help run a podcast studio in Portland. I wrote 100 songs in 100 days! I've been tracking my location since 2008, and write down everything I eat and drink. I've spoken at conferences around the world about owning your data, OAuth, quantified self, and explained why R is a vowel. Read more.
We Have to Ask
This website is a digital archive for a podcast hosted by Marty and Jonathan. Seemingly unstuck from reality, everything about the show seems to change from episode to episode.